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Many Martial Arts schools today are very traditional and geared up towards competitive training, therefore kids and adults can become bored or tired of the same class over and over again.


What you will find with our club is that we focus on the enjoyment of practice through games and skill based learning, kids pick up the techniques and retain them far quicker than usual, why? Because they are having fun!


We offer Muay Thai for both Kids and Adults, Competitive and non-competitive the choice is yours! All our Muay Thai instructors are fully certified and experienced fighters from Mike Miles Muay thai in Calgary, including the 4 time World Champion himself Ajarn Mike Miles.


We also offer Israeli Krav Maga for anyone over the age of 14, this aggressive system of defence is taught to special forces around the world.




However its roots were laid in England as Ryujin Karate was initially Lyme Regis Karate club in Dorset England, under the England Wado Kai Renmei.


Our Style of Karate is Japanese Wado Kai. 


Over the 10 years we have been operating we have developed from a small club training once a week, to the 23 classes we offer each week now!


Our club is proud to be under the guidance of the World Combat Association where martial politics are non-existent; and the focus is back onto the club to provide the best training and most realistic self defense training opportunities students can get.

Upcoming Events 

Women Only Muay Thai Classes 


Friday Evenings from 6pm to 7pm