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Owner/Head Instructor

Arjan Lead Instructor for Muay Thai


32 years martial arts experience in Karate 3rd degree black belt

•23 year police officer (RETIRED)

•World Combat Association Instructor

•Blauer Tactical Systems SPEAR instructor for Law Enforcement Level 1 and 2

•Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defense Readiness Coach

-Krav Maga Level 2 Instructor

-Krav Maga Level 2 Law Enforcement Instructor

•PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor

•Force Science certified

•Solicitor General Of Alberta Approved Trainer ABST

•Reality Based Scenario training Instructor

•Plus many police use of force and equipment instructor certifications




Ajarn Yai Mike Miles is a world respected pioneer of the MuayThai movement in Canada, and has a lifetime of experience in Martial Arts, as a student, in competition on the professional level, and as a teacher. A celebrated author and highly renowned historian on the subject, Ajarn Miles has been training in MuayThai since 1980 and was one of the few North American foreigners in the 1980’s to be trained in MuayThai in Thailand.As a competitor he quickly achieved a top 10 world ranking and then went on to win numerous titles in his career including 4 professional world titles. In the late 1960’s Mr. Miles started in a traditional martial arts background and holds numerous black belts in Karate and Tae Kwon-Do. In 2001 the WKA awarded Mr. Miles his 7th degree black belt in Kickboxing. In the art of MuayThai, he received the elite title of Ajarn (pronounced a-jahn) from the highly respected MuayThai Master Ajarn Panya Kraitus. This was followed by the additional certification as an Ajarn by the World MuayThai Council and International Federation of MuayThai Amateur. Mr. Miles is presently the highest ranking MuayThai teacher in Canada by the WMC and IFMA. Having these grand achievements Mr. Miles has an acute understanding of what achieving excellence requires, and brings out the best he can in his students every day. Mr. Miles wants everyone to reach their highest level of excellence. His teaching style is technical and demanding, but very encouraging! He has mentored and coached aover 40 world champions and continues to do so. Throughout his life-long career, Mr. Miles has experienced the benefits of Martial Arts and wants to see his students receive the same life skills and benefits. Mr. Miles has taught or influenced approximately 100,000 people worldwide.





Misty started training in Muay Thai out of Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing Ltd. in 2013 after a freidn kept insisting she try it out. Misty, being very shy, introverted and having high functioning anxiety (although you would never know that to meet her), and without having any previous martial arts experience, wasn't very excited to jump into a group of new people and try something she couldn't even pronounce properly. It took about three months of convincing but Misty eventually agreed to sign up on the condition that her friend signed up too.

Fast forward to present day and she will tell you that she wishes she would have found Muay Thai 20 years ago. She continues to train out of Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing Ltd. several times a week and has earned her first degree instructor level. Misty is also studying to be a ringside official and volunteers at as many Muay Thai events as possible. Nicknamed "Mischief" by one of her instructors, she will tell you that the gym family she has gained through Muay Thai has changed her life and helped her overcome many difficult challenges, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Misty views the opportunity to teach Muay Thai, and the values it represents, as a true honor. She strives to provide the same safe space to learn, make mistakes, have fun and sweat, as she has been so fortunate to experience every time she walks into the gym.