Self Defense

Self Defense is not a martial art!

It is a skill set that many people confuse for martial arts.

In order to be proficient in self defense you must have awareness of your surroundings and the people within your surroundings.


We teach how to understand the psychology of violence, if you understand violence and why it occurs then you are better prepared to be able to avoid it.

We teach how to mentally prepare yourself and control fear, and teach realistic self defense that is non complicated, and easy to remember.


We also relate everything back to law, how do you articulate the actions you have taken part in? how to be a good witness, and above all understanding when it is appropriate to actually fight back.

Courses we provide include:


  • 1 day self defense workshops
  • Anti Bullying workshops
  • Team building workshops and private seminars




Ben Hollins – Main Instructor 


Ben draws from 23 years of Policing experience both in the UK and Canada where exposure to real violent encounters was a daily occurrence. Ben has immersed himself in understanding why violent encounters occur and how to combat them. 


Ben was a member of the Blauer Tactical Systems Mobile Training Team between 2017 and 2019 certifying law enforcement and civilians as instructors in close quarters combat and self defense tactics around the US and Canada.

Ben currently travels extensively training law enforcement for Krav Maga Force.


He also holds a myriad of Instructor certifications in all areas of Use of Force.

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