Ryujin Tactical was founded by Ben Hollins and Wes Burnside.

Both serving police officers with over 20 years each experience in martial arts and policing.


Both Ben and Wes were lead trainers for Calgary Police Service's Officer Safety and Tactics Training Department and responsible for training both recruit and in-service officers in all areas of use of force and tactics.


Ben and Wes have multiple Instrcutor certifications in Use of force and Law enforcement tactics and training including lethal and non lethal.

We work with agencies to impliment new programs or update and improve existing programs. 



  • Tactical Handcuffing
  • Control and Restraint 
  • Counter Ambush techniques
  • High Risk Vehicle interventions
  • Advanced Driver training
  • Yoga Therapy Private 1 on 1 sessions


Course Pricing:


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Ben Hollins – Lead Trainer


As a Police Officer and K9 Handler, Ben has always been involved in the world of professional use of force.


Over the years Ben has obtained instructor status in many areas such as Scenario facilitator, Taser, EVOC, LVNR, CQB, TCCC, Active Assailant Counter tactics, baton, handcuff, OC spray, and Mental Health for First Responders.


Ben has been fortunate to Instruct over 30 Canadian and US policing agencies including, US Homeland Security, and US Border Patrol.

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