#1 107 Stockton Point, Okotoks,




  Mon - Fri: 4:30 pm - 9 pm

Owner/Head Instructor


Ben Hollins

Ben has been training in the martial arts for 34 years and was a police officer for 23 years. He is the Chief Instructor for Krav Maga Force.







    #1 107 Stockton Point, Okotoks, Alberta

Chief Instructor Krav Maga Force 87%
3rd Dan Wado Kai Karate 95%
Use of Force Expert 83%
Alberta Representative for FIMA 99%
First Responder Tactical Trainer 100%

We enjoy working



Not only are classes fun and educational, but coach Ben is held in very high regards by children and parents. He is a positive role model for all who enter the door. Thank you for all you do!

                                                             Heather Aku


Honestly guys the best club by far if your looking for Karate and other options as well. Can't say enough about Coach Benjamin Hollins. He is one of a kind, check it out, will not be disappointed.

                                                               Kelly Hyer

I recently completed a Women Empowered course with Ben Hollins. It was four hours of self-defence which included a lot of practical application. I really appreciated learning real life tactics vs. being trained in "moves" that would be quickly forgotten in a time of panic. I feel more aware of situations that i put myself into daily and more confident in using my voice, fingernails, knees and elbows, should the super-scary occasion arise. Strongly recommend this course to all, not just women.

                                                                        Sonya Laing